Heat Your Pool In Hours, Not Days 

Injecting heated water at the bottom of the pool drastically improves heating efficiency … like boiling a pot of water… from the bottom up … Save $$$!!  

Maximize Your Solar Products Performance – Enhance the efficiencies of your solar cover, blanket, panels, heating system, controls or dome. Using the Heat Snorkel, you will see faster results in your investment.

“I have already noticed a dramatic difference. Normally I might observe at most a 5 degree water temp increase per day in moderate ambient temps with my heatpump. First day with the snorkel in place, I saw 9 degrees in 5 hours. That’s huge and it stayed better in the cool nights as well.”
Michelle M – Wake Forest, NC

“This heats my 20’ x 40’ pool so fast….great product.”
Linda B – Newton, NJ

“I never knew I could heat my pool without a pool heater.”
Katie M – Pittsboro, NC

“Without any doubt I can say the Heat Snorkels heated my pool more quickly and to a higher temperature. My rough guess is the pool got hotter 50% faster and the temperature gain from the solar pool heat system was 3-4 degrees hotter by putting the warm water into the middle & bottom of the pool. Also, I believe that my use of the gas pool heater was cut by 50% or more due to the Heat Snorkels — for me this is a great thing as I am on propane which costs me apx. $3.50 a gallon so heating my pool is a very expensive thing to do.”
Dale M – Los Angeles, CA