“This product heats my in ground pool in 1/3 of the time it used to take. GREAT product I would recommend highly.”
Linda B – Newton, NJ

“I have already noticed a dramatic difference. Normally I might observe at most a 5 degree water temp increase per day in moderate ambient temps with my heatpump. First day with the snorkel in place, I saw 9 degrees in 5 hours. That’s huge and it stayed better in the cool nights as well.”

“The folks at Heat Snorkel, and their products are phenomenal. Not only does The Heat Snorkel far exceed our expectations in rapidly (and cost effectively) increasing the temperature of our pool – we routinely see as much as a 10 degree temperature increase in a 12 hour period which is easily three times what we experienced before having the two heat snorkels in our pool. Kevin and his family stand behind and follow up on the use of their products. We couldn’t be happier with our investment and the extra swim days it allows us to have in our pool.”
M. Mansfield – Wake Forest, NC

“It really works! Unbelievable… I took the pool from 61 to 82 in 1 day.”
Scott B – Ballston Spa, NY

“Without any doubt I can say the Heat Snorkels heated my pool more quickly and to a higher temperature. My rough guess is the pool got hotter 50% faster and the temperature gain from the solar pool heat system was 3-4 degrees hotter by putting the warm water into the middle & bottom of the pool. Also, I believe that my use of the gas pool heater was cut by 50% or more due to the Heat Snorkels — for me this is a great thing as I am on propane which costs me apx. $3.50 a gallon so heating my pool is a very expensive thing to do.”
Dale M – Los Angeles, CA

“This unit heats my 20×40 pool so fast…Great product.”
Linda B – Newton, NJ

“I couldn’t believe how much money I saved on fuel with my Heat Snorkels, my pool heated in half the time it normally takes. And I love using the “critter position” at night.”
Jenna H – Savannah, GA

“I bought a fountain for my pool last year to give it some spruce. Then I bought a Heat Snorkel to help heat my pool, turns out a Heat Snorkel works as a great fountain. But unlike my fountain, my Heat Snorkels give me other uses- ones that can save me time and money.”
Joe W – Monroe, WV

“The Heat Snorkels really increased the circulation in my above ground pool. I don’t find myself in a constant vacuum or algae battle like I normally do every year.”
Mike L – Mebane, NC

“I can’t believe I pay hundreds on chemicals every year but I can get a Heat Snorkel for fifty bucks and it saves me money! Thank you Heat Snorkel Company.”
Beverly – Hampstead, NC

“I love my Heat Snorkel because it saves me money and lessens my load but my kids love having relay races through the rain when they put it up in fountain mode.”
Tom – Orlando, FL