Heat Snorkel Cooling Fitting
The Slit eyeball cooling accessory comes “standard” with every Heat Snorkel purchased. It is used for both cooling or heating for above ground pools and smaller in ground pools. Great for use as a summer fountain or cooling accessory. Just spin your Heat Snorkel around into the air and adjust your velocity control valve to make the spray as big as you desire. To cool your swimming pools water during hotter days, run as a fountain anytime the air temperature is cooler than your pool’s water temperatures.


Heat Snorkel Diverter Fitting
The HS diverter fitting is perfect for those pool owners who have an oversized pump or those who already have a 1” return opening and need a larger return opening for max heating flow rates. This fitting is adjustable from a spray “slit” for evaporative cooling of their pool all the way up to a 1” opening to maximize flow rates for heating. This fitting is also perfect for the Above Ground pool return, to divert the return water around the edge of the pool, instead of the straight across the pool which interrupts good circulation back to the skimmer, as well as creating excellent floor circulation.


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  • As an optional fitting for the end of the Heat Snorkel to increase flow rates. Simply replace the standard “slit” cooling eyeball fitting which comes installed with every Heat Snorkel.
  • As a standard replacement return fitting for any pool with 1 ½” removable return fitting, while not using a Heat Snorkel. It diverts the return water flow along the wall of the pool, instead of across the pool.
  • Above Ground Pools – Diverts the return water flow around the pools edge for better circulation back to the skimmer, instead of across the middle of the pool, which interrupts good flow back to the skimmer. No more leaves and debris floating in the middle of the swimming pool.
  • Redirect your return water flow left, right, up or down, by simply rotating the fitting to your desired position.