About Us

An age old fact implemented into modern technology – heat rises. In 1995, my family and I moved into a new home, with a new pool. Summer after summer we encountered the same problem. It took two days and a lot of money in fuel to get the water to a comfortable swimming temperature.

In a traditional pool, the return jets are located about 8″–10″ below the water’s surface, mainly for circulation on top of the pool to move water into the skimmer. However, when heating a pool, the warm water is injected at this same location, just under the water’s surface, causing it to lose about 90% of the thermal heat to the air above the pool.

Our concept began with a hose tied directly to our hot water heater, lowered down to the deep end of the pool, and left to pump scalding water from the bottom up – amazing results! To our delight, we heated the pool in less than a quarter of the time it had taken every year before, and we used 80% less fuel and electricity. This is when our family came together to create the simple, yet ingenious patent pending Heat Snorkel design. In 2009, the first Heat Snorkel was created.

Then we realized what other opportunities we had created. A solution to other common pool owner headaches by giving you the 360° rotation of the Snorkel. We eliminated wasting ice and cold water to cool hot pools in August through evaporative cooling in the Snorkel’s UP position. By creating a complete flow throughout the pool we also cut down the time spent vacuuming by eliminating dead spots on the pool floor, and were also able to mix pool chemicals much faster. Saving critters is easy by leaving your Snorkel in a RAMP position at night time. . . millions of frogs and small animals die each year in pool skimmers. The list goes on. . . check out our BENEFITS page for a full breakdown of what our Snorkels can do for you.

We are a family owned and run company, and manufacture all Heat Snorkel products here in the USA. We look forward to bringing you, your family, or your customers a simple, economical and environmentally friendly product that will save you money year after year while adding a whole new dimension to your pool experience.

Thank you and God Bless,
The Riley Family