Take a look at the many uses of The Heat Snorkel ….

Heat Snorkels were originally designed to be placed in your pool at the beginning of the pool season to decrease your “Heat Up” wait time, and reduce your energy usage by up to 80%, and then removed. But, look at the many benefits our customers have found . . . . all of which led to leaving the patent pending Heat Snorkel in your pool all season.

Return Jet Location – Relocate your return jet to any location or depth you need, any time. If the water level is too low, or too high, you can re-position your return jet in seconds with any Heat Snorkel. This alone is a great benefit. How many times have you wished you could relocate your return jets? Now you can.

Evaporative Cooling – Cool your pool with the Heat Snorkel. Yes, we said COOL your pool. While the Heat Snorkel is the most efficient way to heat your pool, it can also serve as a Cooling Aerator.
* See photo at right.

“Without any doubt I can say the Heat Snorkels heated my pool more quickly and to a higher temperature. My rough guess is the pool got hotter 50% faster and the temperature gain from the solar pool heat system was 3-4 degrees hotter by putting the warm water into the middle & bottom of the pool. Also, I believe that my use of the gas pool heater was cut by 50% or more due to the Heat Snorkels — for me this is a great thing as I am on propane which costs me apx. $3.50 a gallon so heating my pool is a very expensive thing to do.” ~ Dale M – Los Angeles, CA

Massages – Enjoy incredible heated under water and above water massages from head to toe.

Chemical Mixing – Based on 2 points of injection, circulate chemicals faster when maintaining your pool. You can now service your pool more efficiently.

Slow Algae Growth – By keeping your Heat Snorkel in a Down or Heat position, you will slow and help prevent algae growth on the floor and walls of the pool.

Critters – Create a unique escape route for frogs and critters to easily climb back out of the pool onto the pool deck by locking your Heat Snorkel in a Ramp position.

Fun for Children – By locking your Heat Snorkel in a Ramp position at water level, you create a stream of water across the surface of the pool for kids to have boat races, and much more.

Calming River Sounds – Imagine peaceful and relaxing water sounds, including a beautiful water arch across the surface of your pool in the Fountain position.

Heat Your Pool In Hours, Not Days – By redirecting the flow of the water, circulating water from the bottom up to the top, you can now heat up your pool in a fraction of the time.

Maximize Your Solar Products Performance – Enhance the efficiencies of your solar cover, blanket, panels, heating system, controls or dome. Using the Heat Snorkel, you will see faster results in your investment.

Energy Waste Reduction – Help the environment when heating your pool. Experience an Energy Waste Reduction of up to 80% on fuel and electricity.